To our valued customers

I hope that you and your family are well during these unprecedented times.  We are doing our very best to support you through this period.

As you know, the information, announcements, and business support measures are being released almost on an hourly basis – the amount of information to process, understand and pass on to you is as unprecedented as the COVID-19 crisis itself.

During this time, we are making every effort to reach out to all of you, reviewing your situation and working out what relief and grants you are eligible for.  We want to highlight that we are doing this at no extra charge and that your current fixed price bookkeeping fees continue to pay for our ongoing bookkeeping services relevant to your business (weekly bookkeeping, payroll, superannuation, activity statements, single touch payroll reporting, end of financial year etc).

In addition to this, we are currently offering FREE Cash Flow Forecasting from April to September (including setup, weekly check-in and scenario planning with your bookkeeper).  The feedback from those clients that we have already rolled this out to, is that it has been invaluable and has provided them with peace of mind, a feeling of control and a clear view into the future.

For any questions you may have about your general bookkeeping, please feel free to email your bookkeeper on  We are all working from our home offices as usual but please be patient as we are experiencing a large number of enquiries.  Alternatively, for urgent matters please feel free to call me directly.

In the meantime, stay safe, keep well and we hope you find the following information and timeline helpful.